Nigerian Boxers

Sports has always been a space of utmost engagement for a lot of people all over the world. In North Africa, especially in the country of Nigeria, sports has a place deep in every person’s heart.

The country treats sports as a way forward towards progress, development of the youth and the creation of idols and stories that encapsulate all the values that Nigerians stand for. In 4000 BC, boxing was prevalent as a sport in Nigeria, but it was known by a different name. Boxing was known as Pugilism which refers to sweet science. People in these highly skilled combat sports used to wear protective gloves and throw punches at their opponents, but make sure that they do so in a way that is not fatal and within a stipulated period of time, inside a ring.

This primitive form has not changed much and is now called boxing all over the world. Being a very popular sport in Nigeria, the sports enthusiasts love to cheer their favourite players when they are in the ring and bet on them too. Check out the Sporto Betting Guide now. For more sports based articles, keep following

The following is a list of some of the most famous and spectacular Nigerian boxers of all time:

1. Anthony Joshua: Born in 1989 on the 15th of October, Anthony Joshua is a Nigerian Boxer by birth and has been a world boxing champion many times but has given a severe ache in the hearts of almost all Nigerian citizens because he has never represented his country of birth at the national level or the international level. Joshua currently represent the United Kingdom or Great Britain and he is a unified heavyweight world champion, being the proud holder of the IBF title since 2016 and the WBA (Super) and the IBO titles since April 2017;

2. Samuel Peter: Samuel Okon Peter is another Nigerian Boxing Champion who has represented Nigeria at the international level with the successful way in which he has handled his active days in the boxing ring. He has a string of knockout wins on his radar with a host of heavyweight titles to his name in a time when heavyweight titles were very fragmented and mostly distributed. In 2008, Samuel Okon Peter also won a part of the world heavyweight championship by winning against Oleg Maskaev to get the WBC title;

3. Tiger: This man is not only a Nigerian Boxing Champion but one of the most famous Nigerians of all time. Tiger was born on the 14th of November 1929. He was a professional boxer who won the world middleweight title when he punched his way to beat Gene Fulmer in 1962. He also dethroned José Torres of Puerto Rico in the lightweight section in 1966.

Tiger was also an ethnic Igbo man and a soldier who served in the Biafran army during the Nigerian Civil War.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out more facts about these amazing Nigerian boxers now because they are the worthy idols you want to look up to!

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